Interest Groups

Members of the Sangha organize small groups that address topics of particular interest.

These provide a smaller group context to discuss issues in perhaps deeper and more intimate ways than is possible in the larger Sangha.

Or they may form to carry out service activities.

These groups typically meet a member’s home on a schedule organized by the participants.  Proposed Topics have included:

  • Women in Buddhism
  • The Paramis
  • Practicing the Dhamma in Daily Life
  • Our Annual Picnic
  • Charitable work to reduce suffering in Port Townsend
  • Sangha Community Needs and Services

If you’re interested in forming a dharma study or Kalyana Mitta group, or willing to offer time for a service activity, you can contact us at by email to discuss how we can assist.

(Click here for SIMS’ excellent description of how SIMS organizes Kalyana Mitta groups.)