Sangha Programs

Wednesday Meditation on Zoom: The Port Townsend Sangha provides an open opportunity each Wednesday evening for people to gather for meditation and discussion on Zoom. Details of Meditation programs are here. Sangha Weekly Meditation

Days of Mindfulness: On a Saturday when announced, the Sangha conducts one-day retreats, called Days of Mindfulness. These are either led by a visiting teacher, or by a qualified sangha volunteer who presents recorded material and signals the beginning and end of meditation periods and the silent lunch break. The DoMs are held at either the Friends’ Meeting House or sometimes at the Port Townsend Yacht Club. Members who wish to conduct a DoM at their homes are invited to announce the event Wednesday nights. Events promoted on our website are held at public venues to ensure sufficient space for all who register. Details of the Day of Mindfulness program are found here. Days of Mindfulness

Weekend Retreats: Twice a year, in spring and fall, we hold a weekend retreat. These are described here. Weekend Retreats.

Service and Charitable Activities: Charitable and recreational activities are undertaken by the Sangha and its members. We participate in providing food and preparing meals for homeless persons in mid winter, and contribute to local organizations working directly with vulnerable populations to alleviate suffering in our community. These donations are determined at announced meetings held at the Friends in December and/or January. For information, suggestions or assistance, please contact us.

Donations and Expenditures: To pay the rent for the Friends Meeting House used for by meditating groups, rent for retreats and other events, and to pay necessary costs and to make charitable contributions, the Sangha maintains a bank account with a treasurer who works to honor the Sangha’s obligations, protect the Sangha’s assets and implement Sangha purposes.

The treasurer follows simple guidelines: To pay required Sangha expenses, accept only voluntary donations, and allocate any discretionary charitable contributions based upon announced Sangha meeting(s) held around New Years each year. 

Picnic: The Sangha also holds an annual picnic at Fort Worden and informal social events. These are announced on the home page at least a month in advance.

Other Events: A group of meditators is beginning to meet at the Friends Meetinghouse starting November 7 PM 2022. The agenda is similar to the Wednesday Zoom sessions discussed above.

For more information contact us any time.