Weekend Retreat Manager

Manager’s Duties

Before the Retreat:

The principle job of the Retreat Manager is to coordinate the work of four Volunteer Coordinators listed below, ensure all tasks are being covered adequately, and be the point of contact for any questions they might have.

Working with Sangha Web and Email Volunteers, Publicity Volunteer and Registrar, ensure an announcement is prepared to go to all Sangha email lists and post on the website with links to Registration email, currently ptsanghaweekendretreat@gmail.com

Ensure that teacher’s travel, accommodation in P.T. and other needs are arranged. Travel expenses are generally covered by the Sangha Retreat budget. Accommodation is provided by a Sangha members offering a room in their home.

Arrange for venue (usually the Yacht Club) and organize dates, times, costs, payment, and key retrieval.

Be responsible to the PT Sangha Treasurer for all financial matters, including purchase of supplies (tea, milk, napkins, etc.) and money handling on the day. Information on spending procedures is available from the treasurer.

Arrange set-up time for Friday afternoon; announce it to Sangha and Coordinators.

Ensure door is open at beginning of set-up time.

Oversee volunteers picking up items from Friends Hall (cushions, zabutons, Buddha statue, bell (singing bowl), tea supplies including urn and mugs, if needed) and take these to retreat venue on Friday afternoon during set-up time.

Open the venue an hour before commencement of retreat to allow for last minute set-up.

Retreat Manager will identify volunteers for the following:

Four retreat coordinators listed below (identified one to two months before retreat);

A volunteer to arrange travel and provide accommodation for the teacher;

Provide teacher with pre-paid food purchase card for the Food Co-Op to buy lunch.

Volunteers will be needed to set up retreat props: tablecloths, screens, table, wall hanging, rug and platform for teacher area;

Someone to make or bring a flower arrangement.

During the Retreat:

Welcome the group at the beginning of the retreat, advising about bathrooms, schedules, lunch possibilities, tea service, etc.

Introduce the teacher.

Act as the point of contact for any visitor or coordinator with questions or issues.

Ensure the teacher’s needs are attended to during the retreat. 

Ensure teacher has obtained lunch on both days.

Maintain oversight to ensure everything is running smoothly during the retreat.

Assist coordinators where needed.

After the retreat:

Ensure teacher dana is placed in an envelope and given to the teacher at end of retreat. Ensure transportation costs were paid.

Ensure any registration money collected on the weekend is placed in an envelope and given to a representative of the Treasurer.

Ensure venue is left in a clean and tidy condition.

Ensure keys are returned to the venue Contact Person.

Ensure Sangha items are returned to Friends Hall.

*Volunteer Coordinators are:

Registrar – organizes and handles all registration for the retreat

Publicity – organizes all advertising for the retreat

Tea Service – organizes for the Tea Service offered throughout the retreat

Set-up/Take-down – organizes all tasks involved with setting up for and taking down after the retreat.