Weekend Retreat Tea Coordinator

Set Up and Maintain Tea Service during the retreat. 

Before Retreat:

Look over tea supply and get enough and a variety of each kind of tea (herb fruity, herb savoury, spicy, black tea, green tea – all have multiple kinds).

Make sure the teapot(s) are in good working order and clean.

Check out the number of mugs available. 

Ensure there are enough mugs, and locate extra mugs if needed; ask members to bring some if needed or get some from a thrift store.

Bring masking tape and a black marking pen or other pens. Put a note out on the table asking people to put their name on a mug (using the tape). They will use this mug for the whole retreat, which saves washing up.

Bring a tablecloth to make the table colorful and delightful – add flowers if you can.

Wash any remaining dishes, mugs or silverware. 

During the retreat:

Start to heat water. Set up teapot ¾ to 1 hour before the retreat starts so the pot won’t be making lots of noise while people are sitting.

Set out napkins, mugs, silverware, tea, plus a bowl or small plate to put used tea bags on.

Set out milk and sugar/honey.

Keep hot water on the stove to refill pot. If possible, prepare extra water on the stove in time needed. This is especially important when the retreat has a lot of people and the water goes fast.

Keep the water pot full.

Check tea supply occasionally. Get more if needed.

Keep the table clean and neat.

Clean up and get supplies and mugs back to where they belong.