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The following relates to in-person meetings. At this time, we are not conducting in person events.


PT Sangha Days of Mindfulness

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Sample Procedures for One-Day Retreats in Public Venues

  1. Peer – Led Days of Mindfulness – with Recorded Teachings.
  • Facilitator sets agenda and plays recorded presentations available online at no cost. Facilitator announces start and end of meditation, lunch, etc. Facilitator may alter suggested schedule to meet the needs of the material offered.
  • A suggested donation of $20 is accepted from participants to cover rental costs and expenses. Persons unable to pay are welcomed without discussion. Any funds left over after paying expenses are held in the Sangha bank account for future activities.
  1. Teacher – Led Days of Mindfulness – with a Live Teacher.
  • Facilitator introduces the teacher who will control the day’s discussion and meditation activities.
  • A dana basket is provided for the teacher. These funds are counted and placed in an envelope for the teacher at day’s end.
  • The Sangha covers all required event costs, and usually reimburses teacher travel costs and lunch. To meet these costs, a donation of $20 is suggested.
  • Teacher expenses may be deducted and remitted to the teacher at the end of the event. Any unexpended funds are counted and remitted to the Sangha treasury

Preparing for and Hosting a Day of Mindfulness  

  1. Publicize the event:
  • On the website.
  • Via bulk email to our mailing lists.
  1. Collect and Assess Pre-registrations to determine event needs.
    • Notices for a DoM are posted on our website and sent by email to our members. These notices include an electronic registration form.
    • Event facilitators will review these registrations that report automatically to a dedicated email address ptsanghadom@gmail.comused by our registrar and event facilitators. (At this time, Karen is our registrar; she receives technical support from Peter. Shannon and Peter maintain backup registration lists to ensure completeness.
    • The ongoing pre-registration lists are provided to the event facilitator for planning. The facilitator may also access names at the dedicated gmail address. Passwords may change with changing events.
    • Registrations sometimes come by email to


  1. Tasks before an event.
    • Confirm the venue. Events are held at the Friends Meeting House. Weekend retreats are generally booked a year in advance by PT Sangha treasurer, and DoMs usually are booked a few months prior to the event.


    • Information on available dates for the Friends Meeting House may be requested.


    • For live teacher-led events, confirm arrangements with the teacher.



  • Prepare a schedule for the day when no teacher is present that may includes the recorded talks, sitting and walking meditation, guided meditation periods, lunch (There are facilities for reheating food, but not for cooking.), etc. For help, write to Ensure that any required equipment is available. A sample schedule is found at the end of this document.
  1. Tasks on the day:
  • Know who your volunteers will be. Arrive at the venue early to set up.
  • At the Friends, set up is similar to Wednesday evenings – Buddha in front, table in the foyer with materials, library open, lights on, tea water heating. More details are found
  • At the Yacht Club, volunteers will help deliver and set up our equipment as determined by the facilitator.
  • Our supplies are kept in a locked cabinet at the Friends. For access help, contact Ellen on Wednesday night at meditation, or write to ptsangha@gmail.comfor information and assistance.
  • Place greeting table in the foyer or at the entry area.
  • If showing a webcast, cover windows if required
  • Post the schedule at several strategic points around the building.
  • Place the registration list and donation basket on the greeting table.
  • If a teacher is present, place a dana basket in front of the room (or another appropriate and visible location) with an easy-to-read sign; and tell the attendees about dana for the teacher when you introduce the teacher and again when appropriate
  • When no live teacher is leading, facilitate the day:
  • Meet and greet arriving people;
  • Give a short introductory talk (overview of the day);
  • Explain about walking meditation and the reasons for keeping silent during the day. (A briefing document on these two subjects is available to facilitators upon request.)
  • Monitor the schedule, ringing bell as needed to start and end meditation periods;
  • Play the recorded material;
  • Allow for a Q&A at end of day, if appropriate;
  • Remind people of dana and thank them for coming;
  • Clean and tidy up.
  • Collect registration donations. Put teacher dana collected in an envelope and give it to the teacher. If no teacher is present, document collections and expenses and deliver to Peter (Treasurer) or Jill (Collections) or Karen (Registrar).


A Sample Schedule for Day of Mindfulness with recorded material.

These times can be changed to meet the needs of the program facilitator or wishes of the group.

Event Time 9:00 am to 5 pm; Rental time 9 am to 5 pm.

This schedule would be revised to meet the wishes of the facilitator, reflect the nature of recordings played and meet the needs of the participants.

All Day At the Door Registration and Suggested Donation Basket
All Day In Plain Sight Any instruction materials. Teacher dana basket if teacher is present; no dana basket for peer-led events.)
All Day Silence Practiced throughout the day unless the leader solicits discussion.
830 Set up Doors Open
900 Welcome & Logistics Remarks by event leader to start the session, provide building orientation, show schedules, dana if teacher present. Facilitator indicates that contributions are accepted by the Sangha to promote additional events for the public and for contributions determined annually. 5 Min
905 Meditation Silent Sitting Meditation 10 Min
940 Meditation Recorded Guided Meditation 20 Min
1000 Meditation Walking Meditation – Guided or Not 20 Min
1030 Break 10 Minute Break 10 Min
1040 Dharma Talk Recorded Dharma Talk 60 Min
1125 Meditation Sitting Meditation 15 Min
1145 Lunch Lunch shared in Silence and Walking 60 Min
100 Meditation Walking Meditation, or other practices 20 Min
125 Dharma Talk Recorded Dharma Talk 45 Min
215 Meditation Sitting Meditation 45 Min
300 Break 10 Minute Break 10 Min
310 Meditation Walking Meditation or other Practices 30 Min
340 Meditation Recorded Guided Meditation 10 Min
350 Meditation Sitting Meditation, Bell after 20 Min for walkers 40 Min
445 Conclusion Concluding remarks, Dana, Cleanup, Close up.
500 Lockup Lockup