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Wednesday Meditation Volunteer Opportunities

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Door Opening and Closing: The member designated for the evening arrives at 6:40 pm to open the doors and departs after locking the doors at 9:00 pm.

Set-Up and Take-Down: All participants are encouraged to arrive early to help with setup. Everyone helps to put away our few supplies and leave the hall as we found it.  

Welcoming: Volunteers help welcome new members and make them feel comfortable and explain about the website and email lists.

Meditation Leader: The volunteer leading our meditation begins the 45 minutes of meditation by ringing a bell, and later recites a short quote or poem to conclude the session. We then adjourn to tea. 

Discussion Facilitator: After tea, the discussion facilitator calls the members back to the room and facilitates a discussion of the dharma or our practice, often using recorded material the volunteer has selected to share.

The Refuge Chant found here is often used to begin meditation.


Weekend Retreat Volunteer Opportunities

Weekend Retreats are held in Spring and Fall each year, and depend upon volunteers for every task.

Retreat Manager  A volunteer Retreat Manager helps make arrangements for a guest teacher and our venue at the Port Townsend Yacht Club.

Registrar  A Registrar processes registrations and keeps registrants advised.

Publicity  A Publicity Coordinator arranges for website and email notices.

Set-up/Take Down Coordinator

Tea Coordinator  Volunteers set up and take down a few props; and one oversees our tea service.

It is great fun, very easy, and volunteers get great support to make each task fast and easy.

Please consider volunteering.



If you would like to organize a Day of Mindfulness, hosting Sangha members either at the Friend’s Hall or in your home, or if you would like to help others with simple support tasks, please contact us.

A description of a Day of Mindfulness can be found here.

A guide for facilitators of Days of Mindfulness is found here.