Volunteer Information


Volunteer Information

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Door Opening and Closing / Set-Up and Take-Down: The member designated for the evening arrives at 6:40 pm to open the doors and leaves after locking the doors at 9:00 pm. All participants are encouraged to arrive early to help with setup. Everyone helps to put away our few supplies and leave the hall as we found it. 

Welcoming: All members are encouraged to help welcome new members and make them feel comfortable and explain about the website and email lists.

Meditation Leader: The volunteer leading our meditation begins the 45 minutes of meditation by ringing a bell, and later recites a short quote or poem to conclude the session. We then adjourn to tea. 

Discussion Facilitator: After tea, the discussion facilitator calls the members back to the room and facilitates a discussion of the dharma or our practice, often using recorded material the volunteer has selected to share.

The Refuge Chant found here is often used to begin meditation.