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Port Townsend Sangha offers one day retreats we call Days of Mindfulness. Well known Visiting Teachers and experienced Sangha Volunteers lead these day-long Saturday sits, often on the second Saturday of the month, usually at the Friends Meeting House.

These one-day retreats provide an opportunity to deepen practice, to engage in longer meditations and offer opportunities for dharma study.

These monthly Days of Mindfulness (DoMs) are provided in two formats: A Teacher-Led DoM or a Peer-Led DoM.

The Teacher-led DoM is focused on instruction by individual respected teachers who conduct the days program interspersing teachings with meditation practice.

A Peer-Led DoM gives more time to silence and extended meditation practice (walking and sitting), with shorter guided meditation periods and recorded dharma talks. A volunteers serves as the facilitator.

A typical retreat day begins at 9:30 AM, and finishes at 4:30 PM. A shared lunch is taken in silence, and participants bring their contribution to the lunch. Tea is provided.

Participants are asked to hold the intention of committing to the whole day when they register. This helps to strengthen and stabilize the group energy throughout the day. Participants bring any meditation items (cushions, shawls) needed. Chairs are provided.

When an event is announced on the website or by email, the form below is available for registration.

At this time, volunteers are needed to help facilitate the Saturday retreats. Experienced Sangha volunteers will work with you.

If you would consider volunteering, please contact us. The program depends upon volunteer support; and your help is needed for its continuation.

An easy-to-use guide to help new volunteer facilitators plan the day is found here.

Day of Mindfulness Registration Form
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