Weekly Wednesday Meditation

The Sangha is currently meeting on Zoom. We hope to meet in person when possible. The following describes the in-person program; but except for location, it accurately describes our Wednesday activities.

Every Wednesday, between 7:00 and 9:00 PM, a gathering of people come together to meditate and to support one another in our meditation practice. For beginners, an introduction to meditation is found here.

We meet at the Friends Meeting House on the corner of Sheridan Avenue and 19th Streets in Port Townsend, WA. The arrow on this map points to the building.

Wednesday Meditation is led each week by a volunteer. Information on how you can help is here. And a sign-up sheet is provided in the entryway.

Meditation starts promptly at 7:00 PM, with a 45-minute silent meditation period. Cushions are available. Meditators sit, or practice standing or walking meditation during this time.

We then take a 10-minute break for tea and quiet conversation in the adjacent kitchen. Silence is maintained in the meditation hall.

For the second hour, we have a shared session with the program set by the week’s Volunteer Discussion Facilitator. You are invited to sign up to lead a discussion using the sign-up sheets in the entryway. Sing up to facilitate by contacting us at this link or by email.

The program often includes a shared reading or a recorded talk from a meditation teacher. Most of these readings and talks come from teachers of vipassana or Buddhist insight meditation – although facilitators may present teachings taken from other related meditation practices.

A brief discussion on the talk follows. This provides us with an opportunity to learn together, develop our understanding, help support each other’s practice, and strengthen our meditation community.

Facilitators may also offer programs without texts or readings, by leading discussions among members related to experiences, insights or challenges found in meditation and related practices. We call these sessions Practice Notes. Facilitators might start with a topic or question, and initiate group discussions.

A page with remarks useful for leading or participating in a sangha discussion, are found at Sangha Discussion Guidelines.

After our discussion, we have announcements and may consider new projects or ideas to enhance the Sangha.

Contributions (Dana) are encouraged on Wednesdays to cover our weekly $50 rent. Participants often wish to support the activities of the sangha by offering a small donation.

These donations are used to help support longer meditation retreats, to make charitable contributions such as food for the homeless shelter, and to pay other expenses.


Our sangha, the community of meditators, depends upon its members to lead meditation and to facilitate our discussions. A sign up sheet is available in the entryway to the hall every Wednesday, and all participants are encouraged to bring and present material that will help us progress in meditation and self-knowledge.

The volunteer Meditation Leader begins meditation and ends our meditation period with a bell, may read a short poem or passage and welcomes new members.

Discussion Facilitators are needed and are encouraged to introduce topics and ideas of their own choosing. Talks and discussion after meditation include Dharma-related themes and discussions of individual practice.

Everyone is encouraged to sign up for a volunteer task on Wednesday evenings. We depend upon each other to ensure the doors are opened and closed, that the meditation has a leader and that the evening’s program has a facilitator. View details of all Wednesday evening volunteer opportunities, please click here.

Please sign up in person on Wednesday, or contact us by email to lead a discussion or discuss ideas for a theme or topic, or to volunteer to help in other ways.

If you wish assistance with a Wednesday presentation, we will introduce you to helpful members. To aid facilitators, this Resources: Dharma on the Web page has some ideas on where materials may be found for discussion.