Welcome to the Port Townsend Sangha

The Port Townsend Sangha meets each Wednesday Evening at 7 pm for meditation, dharma discussion and fellowship. While our focus is on Vipassana, or Insight Meditation, all are welcome who wish to sit with us to meditate or who are interested in the dharma.

More information is hereTo keep up to date, subscribe to our email list. Or if you have questions, please email us.


WEDNESDAY MEDITATION: The Sangha meets each Wednesday evening at 7 pm on Zoom to meditate, listen to a dharma talk, and to discuss our practice. Weekly details are found below.

SATURDAY EVENING PROGRAMS: Guest Teachers present Saturday Meditation Programs announced here and by email. 

RETREAT PROGRAM: The Sangha offers occasional Daylong and Weekend Retreats on Zoom, allowing us to join together in fellowship and practice together, while safe at home. These will be announced below and by email to those on the mailing list.

2021 SUMMER MEDITATION CLASS: SIMS Teacher Steve Wilhelm will offer a six session meditation class this summer. It is discussed below.

June 16th Weekly Meditation and Discussion

On Wednesday, June 16th,

Join Us for Meditation at 7 PM,

And an Open Discussion.

All are Welcome.

The sangha gathers weekly on Zoom. A link to the Zoom meeting is sent to our mailing list, or is available by email.

After meditation, a talk by Jack Kornfield will be presented, followed by discussion and announcements. The talk may be previewed here.

Summer Meditation Class – June 28th to August 14th

A Summer Meditation Class

In Vipassana Practice

Appropriate for Beginners

And for Experienced Meditators

Including Six Teaching Sessions

And A Day of Mindfulness


Dates: Mondays – June 28th to August 9th, except July 19th,

And a Day of Mindfulness: Saturday, August 14th.

Times: 7 pm to 9 pm for the classes, and 9 am to 5 pm for the Day of Mindfulness.

LINK TO REGISTRATION FORM  Zoom meeting links will be emailed to registrants.

Seattle Insight Meditation Teacher Steve Wilhelm is offering a six-week meditation class for members and friends of the Port Townsend Sangha. The class will be conducted on Zoom.

Everyone is welcome and warmly invited. The class offers initial instruction for beginners and a refresher for the more experienced. If you have a question about the class, or wish to communicate with Steve about the class,  write him at stevellen95@comcast.net.

Steve writes: Insight meditation, also known as mindfulness or vipassana meditation, comes from the Buddhist tradition. It aims to free the mind from the distortions of self-centeredness, negativity, and confusion. Seeing life as a constantly changing process, one begins to accept pleasure and pain, fear and joy, and all aspects of life with increasing balance and equanimity. This balanced awareness, grounded in the present moment, leads to peace and growing understanding of the nature of things. Out of this seeing emerges wisdom and compassion.

Insight meditation is a moment-by-moment investigation of the mind and body process. Our experience is explored from a balanced and spacious awareness that allows the heart to flower in love. During these six weeks there will be meditation instructions, talks about the philosophy of the practice, at home exercises, and plenty of time for discussion and questions.

To attend, please use this registration form. Thank you.

Registration includes the six evening sessions and attendance at a day of mindfulness on Saturday, Aug. 14. Registrations will be accepted until July 5th, but early registration is suggested.


Service and Dana

Dana is charitable giving. Every year, members of the Port Townsend Sangha contribute time and funds to support services for the most vulnerable members of our community.

In 2021, the sangha provided volunteer and financial support for Port Townsend’s Winter Shelter. This work is conducted in cooperation with the Port Townsend Friends Meeting (Quakers) to help feed the most vulnerable members of the community during the winter months.

The sangha’s charitable activities support nonprofit entities that work to reduce identified suffering in our area and have demonstrated financial need. A list of 2020 recipients may be found here.

Port Townsend Sangha’s Nonresidential Weekend Retreats

The Port Townsend Sangha conducts non-residential weekend retreats each year with visiting teachers. Information on the Sangha’s Retreat Program is found here.

The program is currently conducted on Zoom, allowing participants to join together for a weekend while remaining safe at home.

These events are open to all serious aspirants of any level. There is no charge.  Information on voluntary contributions to support a teacher’s work may be be provided.

Invitations for future retreats will be sent to our mailing list or may be obtained by emailing us. We hope you will be able to join us.

Port Townsend Sangha’s Day of Mindfulness Program

Days of Mindfulness (DoMs) are one-day meditation retreats offered for many years by the Sangha and currently conducted on Zoom. There is no charge to attend.

Information on these events will be posted here, and Zoom meeting invitations will be sent to our mailing list or may be obtained by writing us.  

More information on in-person DoMs (when resumed) is found here.

The Sangha Lending Library

The PT Sangha Library shares space with the Quaker Library at the Friends Meetinghouse. It is open on Wednesday evenings when the Sangha meets.

We have a wide variety of books and recordings on Buddhism, Buddhist practice, meditation and other spiritual traditions.

Search Our Library Collection Online

See a list of all books here.

Learn more about how the library works at the the Lending Library.

More Opportunities for Dharma Study and Meditation

There are other current opportunities for Vipassana and Dharma Study and Meditation in or around Port Townsend.

Below are some suggestions and additional links.

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