Welcome to the Port Townsend Sangha

The Port Townsend Sangha meets each Wednesday Evening at 7 pm for meditation, dharma discussion and fellowship. While our focus is on Vipassana, or Insight Meditation, all are welcome who wish to sit with us to meditate or who are interested in the dharma.

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WEDNESDAY MEDITATION: The Sangha meets each Wednesday evening at 7 pm on Zoom to meditate, listen to a dharma talk, and to discuss our practice. Weekly details are found below.

SATURDAY EVENING PROGRAM: Tuere Sala is offering a continuing monthly program for those seeking sequential training and practice to develop insight and right action. Tuere is the guiding teacher at SIMS (Seattle Insight Meditation Society). Details and the Zoom Invitation are posted below. Her next evening with us is Saturday, October 31st.

RETREAT PROGRAM: The Sangha offers occasional Daylong and Weekend Retreats on Zoom, allowing us to join together in fellowship and practice together, while safe at home. 

November 25th – Wednesday Meditation

You are Kindly Invited

To Join us on Wednesday,

November 25th at 7 PM,

For a Guided Meditation and

Talk by Thich Nhat Hanh.

The sangha gathers weekly on Zoom.  The link to the Zoom meeting is sent to our mailing list, or is available by writing us

Everyone is welcome. We hope you can attend.

If you wish to listen to the material in advance, the Guided Meditation may be found here. After the meditation, we will listen to Thich Nhat Hanh’s dharma talk entitled No Death.

Wednesday’s facilitator writes: We will start with a guided meditation that leads one to experience the joy and wonder of the present moment, and then listen to a brief talk about two topics of Thich Nhat Hanh’s (Thay’s) teaching – that everything is part and parcel of everything else, and that nothing is born or dies.

He has given many expanded talks on these subjects, which he refers to as interbeing and nirvana (no birth, no death), including the longer discussion found here.  Wednesday’s short  talk is presented because the poet in Thay shines through the experience he describes and touches my heart.  Hopefully, it will do likewise for yours as well.

Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese monk, a renowned Zen master, poet,  artist and peace activist.  He has taught at universities throughout the world, wwas nominated for the Nobel Prize by Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1967, and is the author of many books, including The Miracle of Mindfulness.

November 28th – Tuere Sala Meditation and Dharma Talk





7 PM to 9 PM


The Port Townsend Sangha welcomes Tuere Sala, Guiding Teacher at Seattle Insight Meditation Society, for a special evening of meditation and Dharma discussion.  Tuere will be meeting with us on Zoom once a month.  

We will continue discussing the Four Noble Truths using the book Dancing with Life: Buddhist Insights for Finding Meaning and Joy in the Face of Suffering by Phillip Moffitt.  On the 28th, we will discuss chapters 6-8. The book is not required for participating, but you may find it useful for our discussion and your practice.

Please join the Zoom meeting by clicking Tuere’s personal link:


For more login details and phone numbers for audio connection only, click here. Those wishing to offer dana to support Tuere’s work may do so here.

Tuere Sala has practiced Vipassana meditation for over 25 years.  She has been an active member and volunteer at Seattle Insight since 2001.  In 2009, she was appointed to be a Local Dharma Leader.  She believes that urban meditation is the foundation for today’s practitioner’s path to liberation.  She is inspired by bringing the Dharma to nontraditional places, and is a strong advocate for practitioners living with high stress, past trauma and difficulties sitting still.  Her teachings reflect an approach to Dharma that is both easy to follow and to understand – making it accessible to everyone.

For more information, email us with any questions.

December 12th – Meditation and Discussion with Heather Martin






The Sangha is happy to welcome back Heather Martin, guiding teacher for the Salt Spring Insight Meditation Community, to lead our meditation and discussion program on December 12th at 7 pm.

We will meet together online, using Zoom meeting software.

An invitation will go out to our mailing lists, and is available along with technical support by writing to us.

Heather’s topic will be of interest to serious seekers and provides a foundation for beginners as well. She will discuss the “Two Realities – The Relative and the Absolute”.

We hope you can attend this evening event.

Heather Martin

Heather is one of the Sangha’s beloved teachers who has provided inspiration for many years. She has been meditating for over 50 years in various traditions.  Theravada has been her main practice since 1981 when she trained in the style of SN Goenka for 8 years. 

Port Townsend Sangha’s Nonresidential Weekend Retreats

The Port Townsend Sangha conducts non-residential weekend retreats each year with visiting teachers. Information on the Sangha’s Retreat Program is found here.

The program is currently conducted on Zoom, allowing participants to join together for a weekend while remaining safe at home.

These events are open to all serious aspirants of any level. There is no charge.  Information on voluntary contributions to support a teacher’s work may be be provided.

Invitations for future retreats will be sent to our mailing list or may be obtained by emailing us. We hope you will be able to join us.

Port Townsend Sangha’s Day of Mindfulness Program

Days of Mindfulness (DoMs) are one-day meditation retreats offered for many years by the Sangha and currently conducted on Zoom. There is no charge to attend.

Information on these events will be posted here, and Zoom meeting invitations will be sent to our mailing list or may be obtained by writing us.  

More information on in-person DoMs (when resumed) is found here.

The Sangha Lending Library

The PT Sangha Library shares space with the Quaker Library at the Friends Meetinghouse. It is open on Wednesday evenings when the Sangha meets.

We have a wide variety of books and recordings on Buddhism, Buddhist practice, meditation and other spiritual traditions.

Search Our Library Collection Online

See a list of all books here.

To learn more about how the library works, visit our Lending Library page.

More Opportunities for Dharma Study and Meditation

There are other current opportunities for Vipassana and Dharma Study and Meditation in or around Port Townsend.

Below are some suggestions and additional links.

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Service and Dana

Dana is charitable giving. Every year, members of the Port Townsend Sangha contribute time and funds to support services for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Our goal is to provide support for nonprofit entities that work to reduce identified suffering in our area.

This year, a team of volunteers will buy and prepare food for Port Townsend’s Winter Shelter. Through the generosity of those attending Wednesday meditation, Sangha retreats and Days of Mindfulness, we were also able to make cash donations this year. A final round of donations was made in September, 2020. A list of recipients is here.