Weekend Retreat Set-Up and Take-Down Coordinator

Supervises Set-up and Take-down of Weekend Retreat

Be sure facility is clean and tidy.

Locate the heat source and figure out how to use it. Set at a comfortable, but not too warm, temperature.

Set out chairs for 1/3 to 1/2 the number of people who have signed up for the retreat. Leave space at the front of the chairs for people to place cushions on the floor.

Set up teacher’s area with a screen, wall hanging, small table, water glass or mug, Buddha statue (from the Friends), and a bouquet for fresh flowers.

Set up table for sign-in and dana basket (for teacher).

Set up tables for tea and cover with tablecloths.

Help or direct other helpers, as needed. After the retreat:

Clean-up involves undoing everything from Set-up (listed above)!

Wash dishes.

Empty wastebaskets.

Sweep floors.

Turn down heat.

Pack up Sangha items and ensure they are returned to Friends Hall.

Ensure facility is left in a sparkling clean condition.