Weekend Retreat Registrar

Duties of the Retreat Registrar

Before the retreat:

Work with Retreat Manager, Website and Email volunteers to ensure that notices and email announcements are prepared and that they report registrations to the registration email address ptsanghaweekendretreat@gmail.com.

Be prepared to access these registrations and send information to registrants.

Registrations should have email and telephone contacts for registrants.

Assist as required with emailing or posting of announcements.

Record all registrations and assist the Retreat Manager and the Publicity Volunteer to project attendance.

Ensure that registration questions have been answered.

It’s important that your list is accurate, up-to-date and reported to the Retreat Manager on a regular basis in the lead-up to the retreat

Registration fees are not prepaid and no deposit is required.

Ask Sangha members for a volunteer to help you at the registration desk on the first morning of the retreat.

During the retreat:

On the morning of the retreat, arrive early to set up your station at a table near the front entrance. You should have two copies of your list (give one to your helper), pens, a list or clipboard for people to sign up for the PT Sangha contact list, envelopes to collect money (one for registration fees, one for teacher dana), and a secure place to store moneys collected.

Welcome retreat participants with a warm smile and ask if they have pre-registered. If so, mark their attendance on registration pre-registration list.

Collect the retreat registration fee and check their name off on your list.

If they are not registered, take down their name on your list and collect registration fee.

Remind registrants of the PT Sangha sign-up list, and the teacher dana basket.

Invite them to find a seat where they are comfortable and to help themselves to tea.

Most registrations will take place on the morning of the first day of the retreat. This is the time you will need to be stationed at the registration table.

Once registration is complete, ensure all money collected is placed in an envelope and given to the Retreat Manager or PT Treasury representative.

Keep an eye out for any latecomers on either day of the retreat; and ensure they are registered and assisted.

In tandem with the Retreat Manager, keep an eye on the dana basket and collect the offerings regularly, place them in an envelope and store these in a secure place. The Retreat Manager will deliver the dana to the teacher at the end of the retreat and ensure that the Sangha’s funds are retained for deposit.

After the retreat:

Advise the Web/Email team of the number of persons attending with all changes from pre-registration noted.

Ensure that registrations and fees are fully documented and explained and confirm your findings with Retreat Manager and Sangha Treasurer.

Ensure that all expenses and revenues are documented and confirmed with Retreat Manager.