Welcome to the Port Townsend Sangha

The Port Townsend Sangha website provides information on Meditation, Fellowship and Dharma Study opportunities in Port Townsend, Washington. While our focus is on Vipassana, or Insight Meditation, all who wish to meditate or who are interested in the dharma are welcome at all announced events. Weekly program information is found below.

The Port Townsend Sangha is an informal, leaderless, volunteer-driven, peer-led group. It’s members include all seekers interested in the Buddhist path. Sangha members and friends have gathered weekly for over 22 years.

The sangha hosts its weekly meetings at 7 PM each Wednesday on Zoom and in-person on Monday evenings at 7 PM at the Friends Meetinghouse in Port Townsend.

Visit this website or subscribe to the newsletter for the latest information and for links to Zoom events. More information on our programs is found here. If you have questions, please email us.



WEDNESDAY MEDITATION: The Sangha meets every Wednesday evening at  7 PM on Zoom to meditate, listen to a dharma talk, and to discuss our practice. Weekly details are found below.

MONDAY MEDITATION: Meditators gather in person Monday evenings at 7 PM at the Friends Meetinghouse. Details are below. Responsible distancing is maintained to promote public health.

RETREATS and DAYS OF MINDFULNESS: The Sangha has a history of offering weekend and daylong retreats. When offered, these are announced below and by email to subscribers.

CHANT:  At the start of meditation, we often play the devotional chant known as the Salutation to the Buddha. A recording and the words of the chant may be found here.

NEWSLETTER:  A weekly newsletter is sent to subscribers with the link to the Wednesday Zoom meetings and information on current events and programs.

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