August 21st and 22nd – Summer Retreat with Tuere Sala

You are Invited to Attend

A Two Day Retreat

With Tuere Sala

SIMS Guiding Teacher

August 21st and 22nd


The Retreat will be Live on Zoom

All are welcome. A program schedule for the weekend may be found here.

The Topic is Nibbana

Tuere writes:

NIBBANA: Is It Real or Imagined? Have you ever wondered what is nibbana?  Is it something concrete or some elusive concept about the afterlife?  Is nibbana, sometimes called awakening, even possible?  Is it just about belief or is it real, something to be experienced in the here and now?  These questions and more have been swirling around Dhamma practice since the time of the Buddha.  Buddha has described nibbana as the cooling of fire, the quenching of thirst, a release, escape.  It is pointed to in the 3rd Noble Truth and is attained by cultivating the Eightfold Path.  All of which implies an experience here and now.

During this weekend, we will explore nibbana by looking deeper at the 3rd Noble Truth.  We will look at why it is so important in today’s urban world to practice towards awakening.

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