NEEDED NOW – Cookies – Eggs – A few Hours Time

The Sangha’s annual Winter Shelter program is underway.

We will be preparing a meal for the Shelter on FEBRUARY SECOND.

TWO TO THREE VOLUNTEERS  are badly needed for a few hours, from 2 PM to 5 PM.


Please email Viki at if you are willing to volunteer or make a food contribution.

Our 2 – 3 Sangha volunteers, preferably already in contact, will prepare the meal at an approved commercial church kitchen. Shelter staff will pick up the meals and serve them.

Time required is 2 – 3 hours – from 2 PM to 5 PM.

In addition to the meals prepared at the church we are looking for people to contribute any of the following:

Desserts for 25 people:  Cookies, cakes, etc.
Baked goods:  Loaves of bread, dinner rolls
Eggs: Devilled eggs or hard boiled eggs
Some salads:  Fruit salad, grain salad, pasta salad — but no leafy greens

Please email Viki your planned contribution or questions. More instructions forthcoming closer to the date. Thank you for your dana and help to reduce suffering in our community.

More information on our program of charitable activities is below.

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