May 29th – An Evening with SIMS Guiding Teacher Tim Geil

The Sangha is Very Pleased

To Announce the  Return

Of Tim Geil for an Evening

Of Meditation and Teaching.

He will Join us on Zoom,

Saturday May 29th at 7 PM.

Tim is the Co-Guiding Teacher of the Seattle Insight Meditation Society, and a long time friend and mentor to many Sangha members. An Invitation Link will be sent to the mailing list or may be obtained by writing us.

Tim will lead a period of meditation and discuss the Three Characteristics. He writes:

The Buddha taught that all conditioned things have three characteristics. They are insubstantiality (dukkha), impermanence (annica), and non-self (annata). When we forget or overlook these characteristics, we create unnecessary suffering in our lives. Dharma practice supports us in seeing deeply into the Three Characteristics, and learning to live in harmony with them. Ultimately, we discover what is unconditioned.

Please join us for this Saturday evening session of meditation with instructions, a dharma talk and questions and answers. Here is the program. We hope you can attend.

7:00 Meditation, 7:40 Break, 7:45 Dharma Talk, 8:30 Questions and Answers, 9:00 End

Tim Geil began practicing Insight Meditation in 1996, and has taught meditation since 2006 under the guidance of Rodney Smith. In 2016, Tim completed the four-year Residential Retreat Teacher Training through Spirit Rock, Insight Meditation Society, and Insight Retreat Center. 

 A Co-Guiding Teacher of Seattle Insight Meditation Society, Tim offers talks, classes, interviews, and retreats. He also works closely with leadership and volunteers at SIMS as a member of the board of directors. Tim has inhabited many roles: husband, father, wilderness ranger, martial artist, hospice volunteer, massage therapist. His relationship with his wife and daughter are a joyful and fundamental part of his dharma practice.

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