August 15th – An Online Day of Mindfulness with Keri Pederson

The Sangha is grateful to welcome Keri Pederson

To Port Townsend Saturday, August 15th, for a daylong retreat , a Day of Mindfulness  with group meditation, dharma study and discussion via Zoom. 

The DoM will be conducted on Zoom. Everyone is welcome. Please write us if you need technical or other assistance to attend. 

The schedule for the day will be flexible, with an hour break for lunch. The Zoom invitation will be sent to our mailing list or is available by email. Everyone is welcome to this special event. 

Keri’s theme is the Four Faces of Love

In these times of radical societal change and upheaval, how can we rely on our practice both as refuge and as the basis for an appropriate response?

In this daylong retreat, we will draw from the Buddhist teachings on the four faces of love — kindness, compassion, appreciative joy, and peace.  These are said to be good dwelling places for the heart as we move through the world, but they are also healthy, helpful attitudes that inform how we act.

These four qualities (known as the Brahma Viharas) show us the possibility of what it’s like when the heart is connected but not entangled, spacious but not aloof, caring but not overcome, joyful but not giddy, open but not naive.  They show us how we might relate to ourselves and each other in a way that is of deepest benefit for ourselves and all beings.

Below is an outline of this Day of Mindfulness.

As you may have necessary home activities during the day, Keri will begin with a few suggestions on how to include various duties and tasks as part of the retreat. Before the event, you may wish to consider the structure and openness that is best for you given your circumstances at home, and then to kindly commit to that.

The Schedule:

9:00  Opening to retreat, talk, and morning sitting

10:00  Walking meditation, small group Q & A

10:30  Group sitting meditation

11:00  Walking, small group Q & A

11:30  Short sitting and mid-day reflection

12:00  Lunch/Break

1:00  Group sitting meditation

1:30  Walking, small group Q & A

2:00  Group sitting meditation

2:30  Talk and retreat closing

3:30  Retreat ends

Keri Pederson, began meditating in 1998 and has practiced with a variety of lay and monastic teachers in the US, Thailand, and India. Rodney Smith invited her to teach in 2007, and she was authorized to teach by Spirit Rock/IMS/IRC after completing their four-year Teacher Training program.  Keri also works in elder-care and lives on Vashon Island with her husband and young son.

Dana. For those wishing to make contributions to support Keri’s work, one way is through Paypal. The address is Or email us for contact assistance.

We hope you will join us on August 15th.

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