Tuere Sala Will Meet with Us on Friday April 3rd








The Port Townsend Sangha Invites you a live video session with Tuere Sala, Guiding Teacher Seattle Insight Meditation Society.

The subject will be “Practicing Stability in This Time of Instability”

The session will start with a guided 30-minute sit followed by a Dharma talk. 

Tuere will then open it up for live questions and answers.

Because group gatherings have been canceled due to concerns about the coronavirus, we will be using Zoom, a video conferencing application.  Instructions are found below.

Participation is easy. No account is required. You do NOT have to register or sign in.

We hope you will join us in this adventure with Tuere Sala on Friday April 3rdat 7 pm.



Download Zoom at this link:  https://zoom.us/download

Once installed, you can join the two-hour session to be held 7 PM Friday April 3rd by clicking this link:  https://zoom.us/j/9340466510


For more information about using Zoom, visit  Joining a Meeting with Zoom.

Here are a few tips.

On Friday April 3rdonce Zoom is installed on your phone or tablet or computer, just click on this link https://zoom.us/j/9340466510 to join the meeting.

Follow the prompts.

When prompted, choose to use “computer audio”.

When prompted, choose to join with or without video.

If you are asked to type a name, you can use your own or any name you like, or just type: “Me”

If you have questions, write us at ptsangha@gmail.com with your phone number or question, and we will try to help.

If you are using a computer, when you join the meeting, you will see this bar at the bottom with controls to mute your microphone, stop your video, and chat with the host. 

On a smart phone, at the bottom of the screen will be similar controls to turn audio and video on and off and more.

Plan to join the meeting about 10 minutes early to test your connection and audio

Tuere may choose to mute all microphones during part of the Dharma talk. At other times, keep your microphone muted unless you want to speak.

Use the “Raise your hand” icon or type a question in the Chat window if you want to speak during the question and answer period.

If your connection is bad, try turning off your video and only using the audio portion of the talk. To use the audio from your phone, select “phone audio” from the Switch-to-Audio feature accessible from the Mute button. A phone number will be provided there to access cell phone sound.

If you are unable to attend the live dharma talk, it will be recorded and available at a later date. 

A Note about Tuere Sala

Tuere has practiced Vipassana meditation for over 25 years.  She has been an active member and volunteer at Seattle Insight since 2001.  In 2009, she was appointed to be a Local Dharma Leader and has often supported SIMS in unconventional ways such as answering the many letters SIMS receives from practitioners in prison; offering beginning classes at Angeline Women’s shelter and Jubilee House, a women’s transitional house; and facilitating workshops using nonviolent communication to support a mindfulness practice.

She believes that urban meditation is the foundation for today’s practitioner’s path to liberation.  She is inspired by bringing the Dharma to nontraditional places, and is a strong advocate for practitioners living with high stress, past trauma and difficulties sitting still.  Her teachings reflect an approach to Dharma that is both easy to follow and to understand – making it accessible to everyone.

Tuere has completed extensive trainings, including the two-year Spirit Rock/IMS Community Dharma Leader Program; a one year course, Focusing for Complex Trauma that incorporates mindfulness principles with somatic listening, and a one-year Mindfulness-Based Mind Fitness Training course that applies mindfulness principles to the high stress work environments of first responders.

She  has a long history of assisting others in establishing and maintaining a daily practice.

For more information, email us with any questions.

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