April 5th – 7th Weekend Retreat with Tuere Sala

Join us April 5 – 7, 2019

Free Friday talk: 7 PM April 5th
Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM – 5 PM ($30)

At Port Townsend Yacht Club
2503 Washington Street

Register Here

A Journey Inward – Exploring the Five Faculties
This journey towards inward awakening asks more of us than force of will.  It is a gradual unfolding of understanding and equanimity.The engine behind this gradual unfolding are the five faculties.  The five faculties are faith (or conviction), energy, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom.  Together they gradually turn the wheel of dharma.Faith/conviction strengthens energy; energy strengthens mindfulness; mindfulness strengthens concentration and concentration strengthens wisdom and vice versa.

These five faculties are natural activities of mind that move us along the path.  This weekend retreat will focus on learning how to cultivate these faculties and recognize their impact upon our practice.

Tuere Sala teaches at the Seattle Insight Meditation Society. Her last Port Townsend retreat was an inspiring experience. More information on Tuere is available at this address.

Registration forms are found here, and more information is available at this address. We hope you will join us, either for the free Friday talk or for the entire weekend.


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